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Oceano Wines

Our Label

Animal labels are all the rage, and while seahorses are indeed cute, there is much more to the story. The seahorses are a representation of the bond between Rachel Martin and Kurt Deutsch. Within the first month of their relationship, Rachel invited Kurt to spend a week in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, with her and 17 family members to celebrate her mother, Rita’s, 80th birthday. It was a true testament to Kurt’s ability to be at ease with and connect with new people.

On a family scuba excursion, Kurt and Rachel spotted a seahorse, a true rarity. Seahorses mate for life, and it is the male that carries the babies and gives birth to them. This seemed like a perfect analogy, and so the seahorse became a symbol of their deep connection.

Oceano is one of the original Five Cities — Oceano, Pismo, Grover, Avila and Shell — in Greater San Luis Obispo. Out of respect for the area’s history and because of Spanish Springs Vineyard’s proximity to the ocean, Kurt came up with the name “Oceano” for their fledgling winery.

When Kurt and Rachel scribbled their own versions of a label for Oceano on napkins, they included seahorses as a symbol of their bond. Later, those crude drawings were transformed into Oceano’s label by Stephanie Layton of Red Scandal Graphics.

Kurt Label Sketch
Rachel Label Sketch