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“Do you like your California Chardonnay with zesty mineral-driven backbone? Oceano’s “Spanish Springs” nails it. It will be hard to put this one down!”
- Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier

"I have been growing/making wine for nearly 40 years in Sonoma California. I am not a big fan of most California chardonnay, finding it too ripe, too dependent on oak…and just not that pleasurable to drink. Rachel Martin’s Oceano Chard is one of the very few to reside in my cellar because I find in it a genuineness and pleasurable uniqueness. Because of it’s freshness it pairs well with most foods. I recommend it to all my wine snob friends." - Robert Kamen

"I celebrated a full moon and star gazing on the back deck of my Beach House last night with your UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS Pinot Noir. All BS aside, it was one of THE best wines I’ve ever had - absolutely incredible." - Bump Williams

"As a vineyard owner, I have found Oceano chardonnay to be extraordinary and far different than typical California chards. The taste is fresh with subtle hints of lemon and grapefruit. The combination of the maritime climate and heavy fog with limestone and sandstone soil clearly differentiates this wine from the crowd. The French Oak fermentation and aging process further perfects this gem of a wine. I love this wine because it is different than the typical oaky and buttery California chards that are produced in mass in California." - Henry Warshaw

"We always wondered why we didn't like Chardonnay when so many other people do.  Then we tasted Oceano Chardonnay and became converts.  Oceano has transformed this grape to produce a distinctive style of Chardonnay that is crisp, balanced, and layered.  The oaky-butteriness stays in the background, and instead you taste a subtle fruitiness and tang.  Oceano Chardonnay is our go-to white wine now-- extremely versatile for pairing with a variety of cuisines.  We didn't understand Chardonnay until Rachel Martin taught it to us, and we intend to be her best students." - Jodi + Craig Balsam

"Rachel is in the rare category of female vintners. Her winemaker, Marbue Marke, is in the even rarer category of Black winemakers and was recently featured in Forbes magazine. I love their story and commitment to making sustainable wines. Before launching Oceano in San Luis Obispo, California, Rachel grew grapes and produced wine for over 15 years at her family's winery and vineyard, Boxwood Estate Winery. Ken and I love the wines and we especially love Rachel, and her husband and Oceano co-owner, Kurt Deutsch." - Dale Mott

"Oceano is not only a well done project, but also an amazing Chardonnay that shows its place of origin, its freshness shows the acidity of the terroir it comes from. The proximity of the ocean is very clear in the nose. It’s soft on the palate, giving me that delicious mouthful, even though being very clean. A Chardonnay that in my view should cost $60+ when compared to other great Californian Chardonnays on the same quality range." - Ana Paula Galvani

"People who never drink chardonnay or think they don't like chardonnay love this wine! It is the perfect intersection of flavors and does not have the overpowering oakey taste you think of when you think chardonnay." - Barbara Roux

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