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Oceano Wines

Vintage VW Bus Mobile Tasting Room


Arriving in Spring 2022!

Our one-of-a-kind vintage vw bus will function as a mobile "tasting room," event prop and customer reward opportunity that will dramatically represent and advance Oceano's philosophy.


It is being refitted by Karpatia and Oceano-branded by NYFW and Lifestlye Designer Cristina Ruales


Oceano's goal has always been to produce unique expressions of Chardonnay + Pinot Noir in an inclusive and environmentally responsible way. And in order to further reduce Oceano's carbon footprint, the money raised will bring our wines directly to you instead of moving through the bumpy road of the arcane 3 tier system of alcohol distribution. Learn more about that by watching our campaign video below.


Our crowdfunding campaign for the bus is now officially live on IFundWomen! 


Watch our video here!